#1 | susanne mai sagt am 15. März 2010 um 18:22 Uhr

dear brooks,
i am from germany ,live in stuttgart.since 1999 columbine tragidy happend i try to learn all i can find.i am sure that eric and dylan were good guys with deep hard mental illness.not like monsters or shit like that what some people say.
and all of them who sayed that you did anything wrong,or that you must have know about ther plan and that you dont stop it or something like that… do never let it come near to you brooks!!! you doing well! never forget that here are lot of people who stand by your side and wish you the best of all!!!
i will never forget the victims.and so i will also never forget eric harris and dylan klebold and their familys too!!!they have -like the other parents-lost their sons! special my thoughts are with mr.and mrs.klebold.hope they are fine!
so brooks please be like you are!!!
best wishes for you all the time!
yours susan