Thoughts on Manchester

Kinder. Nichts Böses sollte ihnen geschehen. (Foto: Sebastian Bartoschek)

Over 20 people, especially youngster, died in a yesterday’s coward’s nail bombing in Manchester. Right now we don’t know who’s behind this. And my thoughts are rather personal than political: as a father, even from this distance, I get a glimpse in the abyss of this terror. It hurts. It leads to anger. Nothing more than these two feelings.

What kind of person would be able to go where kids are having a good time and intentionally kill them? Nothing will justify this. If there are backers of this mass killing, they have to be hunted down, wherever they are, whoever they are.

I just can’t imagine, what is has to be like for a parent to allow your kids to go to a concert, maybe for the first time, see the laughter and get a lot of thanks, then drive them to the hall, maybe friends of them also in your car, letting them off, having thoughts of how quickly they grew up, and telling them to take care of themselves, checking the cell phones are OK and then hearing on the radio about the bombing. I really can’t imagine. Wordless feelings of disbelief and grief.

My condolences.

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