Peace to Prosperity – The US initiative is underestimated

Jared Kushner; Photo: Lori Berkowitz
Jared Kushner; Photo: Lori Berkowitz [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Jared Kushner does not have an easy job: The allocation of the post, as chief advisor to the president, to Donald Trump’s own son-in-law had a special taste. Numerous projects initiated by him ran in the sand. Jared Kushner is currently being criticised once again. Wrongly so. Background: This week the economic workshop is taking place in Bahrain.

As soon as the USA and Bahrain had announced the workshop last week, the leadership of the Palestinians declared that they would not participate and asked other Arab states to ignore the workshop as well. After the White House published the Peace to Prosperity plan on Saturday, the Palestinians rejected it and criticized the paper: because the plan allegedly tries to abandon Palestinian hopes of statehood.

The media’s assessment of the plan takes up this criticism: What, life isn’t always fair, doesn’t do justice to Jared Kushner’s efforts.

Fact: The plan, without becoming concrete, deals with one’s own Palestinian identity. The reflexive Palestinian rejection is a mistake.

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